Google Voice – Almost perfect

Google Voice

We all use Google to search or create a Gmail account, but I wonder how much average Internet users know about all the other awesome Google services. Have you ever noticed more links at the top of the screen when you signed in to your Google or Gmail account? In fact, there are many more when you read this more, including Google Docs, YouTube (believe it or not, this is a Google service, although for some reason they have a Google video that seems redundant), Picasa for images, web services -Masters and some others. The expanded list includes Google Voice, a service by invitation only, which is currently in beta and serves as a virtual folder for your mobile or residential phone. Each user with a Google Voice account can invite up to 3 people to join, but you can also request an invitation from Google. I waited 3 days before the invitation was sent, but in the end, I received it, and this changed the way I used my mobile phone.

Google Voice

How it works?

In essence, Google Voice gives you a phone number that you can select according to the area code. When someone calls this number, their call is redirected to the number that says Voice to send incoming calls. If you have more than one phone, you can send a call to all your phones at the same time. You can also automatically send certain numbers to voice mail or say that you do not accept calls and that each call goes to voicemail.

The good news is that most people can at least check their email, and the use of Google Voice is very similar. All text messages sent to your Google Voice number are saved in the usual chat format. This allows you to send text messages on your computer for free or send text messages from your smartphone using only your data plan, and you do not need to pay extra for a data plan with your mobile operator.

Can I fix my broken iPhone without hurdle?

iphone repair singapore

As we all know iPhone is a mobile from Apple brand. It is costlier in market with high value. It is bundled with total security option and one can easily consider finding the proper choice in the process. The phone is highly effective in it working when compared with any other mobile brand. Thus working of phone has equal effect with repair causes. It does not get repaired so easily and so the repair is not taken through so easier. One has to consider all the possible options to consider while searching for the repair. As most prominent parts that may get repaired are screen and battery. Other than these two parts, iPhone does not get any other parts repair within short period of time. Usually Apple gives two years of warranty which means the repair is not frequent with the device.

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iPhone repair usually hold lot of divine choices that are usually easy to handle with right kind of tools. Thus repair should be carried out with sutiable kit to dismantle the device. The device uses pentalobe screw which cannot be unscrewed with random device. It is not easy to get the perfect device and this needs everything inside. So, one has to check out expert iphone repair singapore who can easily handle the repair and get through the device mantling. These professionals can repair in short spam without affecting any other parts and phone users usually prefer their help to get through the options. With the help of these experts, repairing iPhone has become easier without hurdle.

Best access with the right proxy server

free proxy

This can be made possible when one chooses to Connect with the help of the proxy. one can relax as well as watch latest videos all of which can be made accessible with the high definition quality. It can also incorporate Bypass Filters. One can be sure that the boss or government cannot block one when he or she desires to access the favorite sites. The proxy server gets connected to the website and helps pass it. It can also give one access to the destination website which proves to be secure SSL.  The support can actually help pass everything back with the help of the encrypted SSL connection. Proxfree is the best way to go through the blocked sites.

Getting the best browsing quality

 Such an idea can help one browse without worrying about any kind of pesky filters. It can also support Anonymous Browsing. This server can guarantee one the flexible web use which cannot be ever accompanied by the sneak a peek from the third party. one does not need to connect directly to the required website. This can never allow anyone to spy and see what someone is reading, watching or even saying. It can work as the most advanced free as well as a secure web proxy.

free proxy

This can be the best to support all kind of sites. They can also go well with the video hostings, incorporation of the search engines, going with the social networks, all kinds of e-mail services as well as much more. With this idea, one can be sure to browse all kinds of favorite resources. It can work well with Facebook, Google, Twitter as well as Youtube. This can get the services unblocked with the help of the encrypted connection.


It can work in the manner of the Advanced online proxy. The server is reliable as well as free web proxy protecting privacy. Such an idea supports video sites which can be also accessible to be surfed anonymously.

A web proxy can be the best help



One can choose to go well with the Free Web Proxy. It can allow one to Hide IP and protect online privacy. One can choose to Select the right proxy server, which can be followed by typing in the URL as well as start surfing freely! This can also be the best quality free web service. It enables to access all kinds of website anonymously. With the access to a website directly without the use if a web proxy as well as VPN service, one can be sure that the website owner comes to know the real IP address so, there is a need to restrict this in case of surfing the website. One can choose to get the access of free proxy.

How can access be easy?

 It can be the right access to the surfing that can be formulated in the private or incognito mode. At times,  there are blocked domain name. This help can help one access the target website, which can make it easy to access it as well as get the right content. The quality web proxy has multiple servers. It can be always accessed to access a website the functioning is in a manner that the proxy fetches content to the server, sending the content to a computer or also the user-friendly smartphone. With this, the target site cannot get an idea that it is accessed.



It can help hide the real IP address. This can only give the idea about the IP address which can be linked to the proxy server. When the target website gets blocked in a country, one can choose to access it with the help of a web proxy. One can surf a website without revealing the real IP address. Al such times, the target website cannot get the idea about the country. The ISP or school only gets an idea about the access, but there no idea about the target site one has accessed.

How to choose proxy website?


Today the number of people using the proxy website for their online browsing is highly increasing. This is because they are not interested in having any kind of restrictions while surfing online and many people tend to access these websites in order to ensure their security in online. Since there are many proxy websites in online, one may be highly puzzled in choosing the best out of them. Here are some of the best suggestions to help them out.

Advanced features

It is always better to move towards the proxy website which tends to have the most advanced features. Not all the proxies in online have such features. Hence one must analyze their options in order to bring the most advanced proxy website in to light. One can consider the fast, anonymity and other related aspects for coming to a better conclusion.


Free websites

Since there are many websites which are meant for free, one can avoid moving for the paid proxies. Obviously by using the free proxies they can save their money. But while moving for these proxies, one must be more careful. They must access only the trusted free proxy websites available in the online market.

Safe and secure

Obviously safety is more important while surfing online. Hence one must choose the proxy which tends to provide the maximum security. The proxy which tends to provide hideme features can be considered as the best option to hire. This is because they will provide the best security than they sound to be.


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